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Mobile app development industry is rising at an immense rate and with the growing demand for apps, a large number of mobile app developers are coming up with extremely scalable apps that can satisfy your business demands. However, when it comes to developing a mobile app, to choose the appropriate programming language is the most importance.

Google has announced a new programming language about Kotlin as an official language for Android app development. Kotlin is a brilliantly designed and developed language that will make Android development quicker and more exciting. Kotlin is the latest open source, statically typed programming language that targets the Java platform. It is a great fit for server-side web applications development, that enables writing safe, concise and fully interoperable code with current Java libraries.

Intouch Infotech offers Kotlin app development services to develop world-class Android apps. As a Kotlin app development company, we provide Kotlin app developers for both onsite/offshore requirements. Being compatible with Java, Kotlin for Android development can work side-by-side with these languages and it is also easy to get started. So, our developers will simply keep your current code, continue with the Android library and at the same time add Kotlin to your project.

At Intouch Infotech, we put in our best efforts, to provide the aptest solutions for years of experience and expertise and come up with tailor-made solutions. Our Android app developers have years of experience in producing various kinds of Android applications.

Know The Benefits Of Choosing Kotlin To Develop Your Android App

  • Open Source

    Kotlin is an open-source programming language. More apart from being open-source, it also provides a single-click tool for Android developers to convert current Java code.

  • Better Performance

    Kotlin provides better performance. The operation of call methods in Kotlin is faster as there is no need to know at runtime which method to call.

  • Safe & Reliable

    Kotlin contains safety features for immutability, which improves Android app development. And Kotlin’s compiler verifies the accuracy of programs at compile time, so less chance for runtime crashes.

  • Functional & Object-Oriented

    In Kotlin web framework, developers can do code in both object-oriented and functional manner. This way Kotlin helps Android developers to write first-class functions.

  • Data Classes in Kotlin

    In Kotlin, developers can write the same logic in a very simpler manner and relatively lesser lines.

  • Named parameters

    In Kotlin web framework, we can pass parameters by name, rather than an index. This way is very helpful when a function has a number of parameters.

  • More Concise

    Kotlin is more concise, it solves the same problem with relatively fewer lines of code. It increases code readability and maintainability. So, developers can read, write, and change the code efficiently and more effectively.

Globally Renowned Leaders Are Already using Kotlin

Various Large Organizations are already started using Kotlin for better and improved Performance. Though Kotlin is new in the market, it has started to give tough competition to Java as the language of choice for Android app development. And so, All the big companies are adopting Kotlin in some way. Let’s have a look at some of the famous name of organizations.

  • Pinterest
  • Coursera
  • Uber
  • Evernote
  • Pivotal
  • Corda
  • Netflix
  • Atlassian-Makers of Trello

Intouch Infotech Develops An Android App With Kotlin For The Following Categories

Here are some of the top mobile app development categories, where Kotlin fits perfectly with the Android platform. Apart from these categories, we develop any other type of Android application by using Kotlin according to your business requirements.

  • Logistic & Transportation Apps
  • Education & Learning Apps
  • Photo & Video Apps
  • Health & Fitness Apps
  • Grocery Apps
  • On-demand Apps
  • Project-Management Apps
  • Tours & Traveling Apps
  • Music & Entertainment Apps
  • Food Apps
  • Financing Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps